I'm Awaz Samad.
I am a designer from Toronto specializing in interactive design.


Working On
AquaTrack Waterbottle App
The AquaTrack Watterbottle was a bottle that calculated how much water one drank in a certain period of time. It also calculated how much plastic waterbottles was saved by using the AquaTrack. Data could be shown online via Desktop or Phone App (shown above.)
Found Type - Recycle
This type was created with the intent of using the recycled material or material that can be recycled to create the word 'Recycle' itself. Using a mass amount of Lemon juice bottles, cardboard, plastic bags, and used transfer paper for labels, I was able to construct the word. To take the picture, I had used 3 construction lamps for lighting, and to get at the right height, I laid on top of a wooden skid, as a forklift raised it into the air about 30 ft.
Bandwidth Infographic
This inforgraphic graphed my internet's bandwidth consumption, aswell as gave some information on bandwidth, how it is measured and how it is different depending on the service provider and country.
Images Festival Intro
This was an intro video for the Images Festival annually held in Toronto. The concept behind this video was to take advantage of the word 'festival' and show the 'coming togeather' aspect of the festival to share independent films. Using the circles in the logo to create visual familiarity.

Audio: Scarlet by Electricwest
Academy Leader

This is an academy leader that I had worked on to put before my short videos that I had filmed. I had attempted to recreate a film strip on a reel, without actually using a film strip or a reel. I had cut out stencils with numbers on each one, hung each one from a roof, and used a small flashlight and rapidly moved it up and down while filming with a Canon T2i in the other hand.
Type Love Booklet
This is a booklet made to showcase the anatomy of type and type setting. This booklet also showed some previous project that I had also done, and what I had learned from each.
Business Cards
These business cards were printed by Moo.com on their Luxe cards. I think that business cards should be more than just promoting the said, it should create a connection with the holder that makes them remember. Remember the card, remember the person. My logo helps with this connection, as I think it is a minimalistic, and memorable representation of who I am.
Stretch Blow Molding Infographic
This infographic shows how a plastic bottle gets made. This information is gathered from first hand experience and various sources. Having worked in a bottle factory for a few years and also having it be my families' business, I thought it would be interesting to show the stages.
Rav B Beauty Concepts Website
A website to promote the services of Rav B Beauty Concepts, who focuses on Hair and makeup styles for special occasions. This site features a gallery that showcases all her work, and testimonials from her clients.

You can visit the site by clicking here.
Toronto Subway Map Concept
A digital map used on phones to help the traveller, who has never been or is usually confused when using the subway system in Toronto. This app would make use of bluetooth beacons placed throughout the tunnels in order to give a precise location. The user would enter their location and their destination, and the app would tell them exactly where to go. What makes this app unique is that it also helps them navigate through a subway station to make sure they're on the right side of the track. It's communication with bluetooth beacons solves the problem of not having cell service or wi-fi in the tunnels.
MUZK Native Player Concept
MUZK is a native music player for the iPhone. This app is different from the regular iPhone music player, by being able to access your music library without syncing, and to also access your friends music library aswell.

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